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Welcome to Nutrition Services!

MNPS is the
2014 USDA Best Practices Award Winner
For Promoting A Healthy School Environment
In All Cafeterias!

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For the last four years, Metro Schools has participated in the Community Eligibility Program (CEP).

CEP is the federal reimbursement program that allows school districts to offer lunch at no cost to students. Eligibility is based on poverty as measured by the direct certification numbers used for participants of government assistance programs. 

Based on the requirements of this federal program, Nashville’s current poverty level is 47% and the threshold is 60%, making us ineligible to participate across the district.

We know we have children who rely on our nutrition services program as a reliable source for a healthy meal. We will continue to provide free breakfast to all students in all schools and we will offer CEP to those schools that are eligible.

Metro Schools will make every effort to continue to work with the state to communicate about the district’s needs and the fact that we believe the actual poverty within the district is much greater than what is being reported through direct certification.


The Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools’ Nutrition Services Department serves more than 8.4 million lunches and 4 million breakfasts during the school year. The program is an extension of the educational programs of the school system. Our program is funded under the National School Lunch Act and Child Nutrition Act. The United States Department of Agriculture administers federal laws regulating the food program through the regional office and by the Tennessee State Department of Education.

The Nutrition Services Program is designed to support the education of the students in the MNPS school district by providing nutritious, well-balanced meals that a diverse group of students will enjoy. This school year all breakfasts and lunch meals are provided to all enrolled students at no charge. The menus are planned by a Registered Dietitian and many items are tested by the students. The students are our customers and without them we would not be here. We strongly believe that we are feeding our future.